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Be Happier & Improve Job Performance taking Time Off!

Take some time off this holiday season. It could make you happier and improve your job performance.

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Are you planning to take a vacation this holiday season? Too busy at work, you say? Well, consider this: In a recent survey, 35 percent of participants felt better about their jobs and were more productive at work after taking a vacation. It makes perfect sense, really. But according to the same survey, the average American uses just 14 of their 18 allotted days. Compare these numbers to the Europeans: German, Spanish and French citizens receive 30 vacation days each year, and only the Germans leave any of it on the table. If traveling isn’t an option, how about a “staycation”? You can still enjoy many of the same benefits — relaxing walks, hot soaks in the tub, a new restaurant, or a great book — without actually having to leave home. You might even consider planning a future or fantasy vacation, just for fun. The vacation planning itself can release positive emotions and benefit your brain by boosting mental flexibility. That’s something your employer is sure to appreciate.


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Maintain Exercise Momentum

Want to maintain your exercise momentum? Commit to shorter, moderate-intensity workouts rather than lengthy, high-intensity ones.


Here’s an early Christmas present: 30 minutes of moderate exercise is about as beneficial to your health (not to fitness) as a full hour of intense training (and much easier to fit into your busy schedule). What’s more, you’re more likely to be energized by moderate workouts and more motivated to keep doing them. “When you do a 30-minute moderate workout, you increase your energy levels without depleting them completely, leaving you with more energy to continue with the rest of your day,” says Melissa Hendricks, MEd, manager of the Cleveland Clinic Fitness Centers. So pop in your favorite workout DVD, take a vigorous walk or hop on the elliptical at your gym and watch how quickly those 30 minutes fly by.

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Jouranal to Reduce Stress

Feeling frustrated? Journaling about difficult times or lofty goals makes it easier for you to manage stress and put a smile on your face.

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Research shows that writing about your grievances — as well as your hopes and dreams — can lower stress levels, speed up healing and boost your mood. To commit yourself to the practice, invest in a journal in which you will enjoy writing.


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Get Moving!

Just move! Even brief episodes of brisk exercise can make you thinner and better able to do the fun things you want to do in life.

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Try 30 minutes of moderate exercise — such as a brisk walk — most days of the week, for better emotional and physical health. New research shows that even brief episodes of vigorous activity can help prevent weight gain and promote better health. The key is to get your heart rate up so that you’re working your lungs, heart and muscles. If today you have only 10 minutes to spare, use that time to go for a brisk walk. If there’s a hill nearby, or even a staircase, try to tackle it! You may even find that you enjoy it so much you’ll find 15 minutes to spare tomorrow.

source: cleveland clinic


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Good Morning, Sunshine!

To fight fatigue and function better on less sleep, open your curtains the minute you wake up.

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Did you spend the night tossing and turning? Luckily, one restless night isn’t likely to hurt your health — though you may not feel so energetic the next day. To feel better on less sleep, open your shades as soon as you wake up (even if you just crawl back into bed). Or, even better: Go outside for a walk. A big burst of sunshine first thing in the morning (even on a cloudy day) can reset your internal clock, wipe away grogginess, and help you function better throughout the day.

source: Cleveland Clinic Wellness


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For the Love of the Pooch!


Give your dog the love he gives you. Keep him out of murky freshwater ponds. Toxins in blue-green algae can be hazardous to his health.

A furry friend offers many health benefits, so return the favor by taking good care of your dog. There’s nothing better than getting out into the great outdoors with the family and your pet for a lovely autumn hike. And if you’re anything like us, you probably think nothing of letting your dog frolic in whatever body of water he happens upon. However, some freshwater ponds contain blue-green algae, which contain toxins that can cause dogs to suffer from gastrointestinal distress like vomiting or diarrhea, liver failure or possibly death. If you approach a lake or pond and the water is green, YOU and your pet should avoid it. Though not as dangerous to humans, blue-green algae can cause skin rashes, sneezing, coughing, a runny nose and eye irritation in people.

source:cleveland clinic


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Congrats to Julie Devlin and team Windmill!

Congratulations to Julie and team Windmill for a fabulous compliment!

Julie was very courteous, knowledgable, and professional and she helped me a great deal. Barbara was my therapist a few times and was very helpful. Mitch was also very friendly and helpful as was Ryan. Finally, Mary Ann was always welcoming and friendly. I definately had an verall positive experiencewith the staff as wel as with my treatment and I appreciate them very much.



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