About Matt Smith

IMG_0022Matt Smith has been involved in the Las Vegas medical community since 1984. The foundation of his success as a practicing therapist and business owner is the relationships he has established with patients, physicians, employees, medical practitioners and insurance professionals. Matt has had the opportunity to treat many of the casino, business and entertainment icons in our community.

Matt remains committed to upholding his clinical practice’s reputation as a premier provider of rehabilitative services. He uses a hands-on approach to accomplishing this as he continues to maintain a clinical practice while running the company with his management team.

Every year a tremendous amount of time and money is given to local causes such as Child Haven, New Vista Community, sports team sponsorships and High School College Scholarships to pursue a career in Healthcare/Sports Medicine.

Matt’s promise to the Las Vegas Valley and the State of Nevada is to provide world-class care using world-class facilities, and to continue to support our local and state economies.


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