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Reviews, whether good or bad will be posted. A great way to continually strive to improve is to hear from our patients. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion.

Be Prepared to Fight a Winter Cold!

Be prepared to fight a winter cold. Know which two remedies can nip it in the bud.

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Though your drugstore is stocked with a multitude of cold meds, there are really just a couple of things that have actually been proven to speed up a cold. They are: vitamin C and andrographis (and your mom’s chicken soup). Take regular doses of these the moment you start feeling symptoms. That’s 500 mg of vitamin C four times a day, with plenty of water, for the next two or three days — or andrographis (as 48 mg of standardized andrographolide extract) three times daily. These remedies, alone or in combination, can reduce the average time that a cold lasts from roughly five days to three.

Excerpted from YOU: The Owners Manual, Updated and Expanded Edition by Michael F. Roizen, MD, and Mehmet C. Oz, MD.

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Congratulations to Ed and team Tenaya! Great Patient Compliment


Rosie, CeeCee, Craig and Ed were all extremely professional as well as friendly. They helped me more than words can say. I came in in such pain and there care and expertise helped take that pain away. I am so very thankful for all if them. This was a very pleasant experience, I highly recommend the Tenaya office to anyone needing Physical Therapy. Should I ever need treatment again, I will not hesitate to return to this facility to have these professionals do what they do. Thank you all so very much.
Ben Macdonell.


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Get out there and Walk!

untitled (4)

What if I told you there is an exercise that has more than 31 major benefits for your health including everything from lowering your body fat percentage to toning your abs, decreasing lower back pain and reducing your risk of heart attack, stroke and glaucoma while also decreasing your risk of catching a cold or upper respiratory tract infection? With so many Americans talking about the cost of health care lately — what if I told you that this exercise can positively impact 8 out of the 10 most costly health conditions in the U.S.? (Heart disease, cancer, COPD, asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and back problems.) And — as if all that is not enough — it also improves your mood, boosts endorphins, reduces fatigue and lowers your stress hormones as well. What’s more, this exercise is absolutely free and you only really need one piece of equipment/apparel to do it. And most importantly, you don’t need a lot of time. Only 15-40 minutes a day 5 days per week will tone and trim your body, vastly improve your health and could even save your life.

You probably guessed that I’m talking about walking! But I would be surprised if you were aware of all 31 benefits that walking can bring. More on those soon, I promise. First, let’s find out how we’re doing so far with regard to walking.

How Many Steps Do Americans Take Per Day Compared to People in Other Countries? In a study published in October 2010 in the journal “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” researchers used pedometers to track the steps of 1,136 American adults. They found that people living in the U.S. take fewer steps than adults in Australia, Switzerland and Japan.

* Australians averaged 9,695 steps a day.

* Swiss adults averaged 9,650, steps a day.

* Japanese averaged 7,168 steps a day.

* Americans averaged just 5,117 steps a day.

According to the CDC, 36% of Americans are obese, while a 2010 Reuters article states that “During the past decade Australia, Japan and Switzerland have reported obesity rates of 16%, 3% and 8%, respectively.” And it’s not just lower obesity rates; it’s longer life expectancy as well. As A 2013 CNN article reported, 2011 data shows that 27 countries (including those daily walkers in Australia, Switzerland and Japan!) have higher life expectancies at birth than the United States.

Next, Let’s Look at All 23 Health, Fitness and Wellness Benefits Walking Offers…

According to this excellent walking infographic, created by, walking:

* Boosts endorphins, lowering stress, fatigue and anger in 10 minutes.

* Reduces Glaucooma risk. (It reduces the pressure inside the eye, which lowers your chance of developing glaucoma, according to the Arthritis Foundation.)

* Cuts Alzheimer’s Disease risk by 50% over 5 years.

* Decreases the odds of catching a cold by 30-50%.

* Lowers blood pressure by five points.

* Reduces colon cancer by 31% for women.

* Engages and tones ab muscles.

* Builds bone mass by reducing risk of osteoporosis.

Additionally, the GlobalFit walking infographic embedded and shareable below in this blog post, shows that walking can positively impact 8 out of the 10 most costly health conditions. For example, you can expect:

* 54% lower risk of heart attack with 2-4 hours of fast walking per week.

* 30-40% less risk of coronary heart disease with 3 hours of brisk walking per week.

* 30% less risk of upper respiratory tract infections with a daily brisk walk.

* 54% lower death rates for type 2 diabetics who walk 3-4 hours per week.

* 40% decrease in lower back pain and disability.

* Arthritis can be prevented and managed with regular walking.

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MSPT Annual Halloween Decorating Contest 2013

Way to Go…Tenaya and Stephanie clinics! The winning clinics for the 2013 Halloween contest won an office pizza party!







Thank you to everyone who put forth an effort for MSPT’s Annual Halloween contest. Everyone did a great job and your creativity was Spook-tacular!


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Congratulations to Ed & team Tenaya

way to go

We just wanted to express the wonderful time that we had at your 7301 Peak location. The people were very efficient and helpful and very courteous. They had wonderful personalities that really made going to physical therapy fun. My mom i…s 80 years old and they were just wonderful with her. Ed Dolegowski was very knowledgeable and he has a wonderful personality. My Mom actually looked forward to going to PT. (and that is really saying alot) My Mom and I cannot say enough about ED and all his associates. They were all wonderful. We will certainly recommend Matt Smith PT to anyone that needs PT. Thank you again for the wonderful service. Pat and Patty GO COWBOYS!!


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Congratulations to Melissa Anderson, PT & team Seven Hills

Congratulations to Melissa Anderson and Team Seven Hills for receiving this compliment from one of your patients. Thank you for being such great examples of our company standards!

images (3)

“I had been having a stiff neck for a long time. After consulting with our neurologist, she suggested I go to physical therapy. She said there are various places in the area, but so often it comes down to personal preferences. Since we have used Angie’s List several times for finding other services (and have been extremely pleased), I read the reviews of Matt Smith’s office and felt this would be a good choice. They have various locations in the valley, but I chose one closest to my home – Near 7 Hills and St. Rose in Henderson. Melissa Anderson was my therapist and she was incredible from the beginning.

Melissa Anderson took a lot of time evaluating me and asking questions. (There are several physical therapists in that office – and from my observation, they all seem very competent)….I happened to be assigned to Melissa. It is busy office (can get noisy at times), but all the staff are working and monitoring you. After showing me the exercises that I need to do on my own, as well as in the office, they work through some of the equipment with you. The one thing that impressed me the most was what a clean environment they are working with and how they maintain that level of cleanliness. It is a very friendly office – all types of physical therapy issues are being addressed from (primarily) teenagers and “on up” in age. You get to know all of the staff (and they get to know you on a first name basis). Melissa (as the physical therapist) did the hands on work (massaging my neck)….and working it to stretch. I know I have made tremendous progress and would not hesitate to go to their facility for physical therapy in the future.
As I mentioned, this is a friendly office….there are a lot of patients going in and out. Sometimes, it can get a bit noisy, but it is a “fun” atmosphere. Going through physical therapy is not fun…..but they make it as pleasant as possible. Highly recommend this facility.”

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Congrats to team Stephanie for this wonderful patient Compliment!

Congratulations to Team Stephanie for receiving this compliment from one of your patients. Thank you for being such great examples of our company standards!


I wanted to write to acknowledge the amazing staff of Matt Smith at the Wigwam location. I have been going there since May and have had three surgeries along the way. This setting has become a second home to me and the staff make me feel very supported and well cared for.

I started with Amanda right before she left and what a jewel. Now I have been blessed with Megan, Jena, and Gerald… my angels! My rehab has been a series of ups and downs and I still have a very long way to go. My angels take very good care of me. They know when to talk and they know when to listen. I am very appreciative of their knowledge, skill, and compassion. Always, they share smiles and laughs and make the entire area much more conducive to healing. Every patient that walks through the door is treated with respect and made to feel they are very important. This is much more than a job for this team and they certainly give their heart to everyone in assisting folks to get their life back.

Even though I do not have much interaction with Doug or Shane, they too always have a smile and kind word to offer. Doug is extremely attentive to everyone. The front desk staff is always very professional, kind, and responsive to whatever I may request. Donna has been extremely patient and helpful in working with my doctor and worker’s comp. She certainly goes well beyond to make things easier for me in every way.

You really have a great team at this location and I am very blessed to be in such good hands.

Thank you,
Lauren S.

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Congratulations to Ed Dolegowski, PT and Team Tenaya!

Congratulations to Ed Dolegowski and Team Tenaya for receiving this survey and compliment from one of your patients. Thank you for being such great examples of our company standards!


“I love this office. Everyone in your office is very friendly and kind i love going there it feels like home away from home. Love it. Especially Mr. Dolegowski he is so funny and warm hearted .Keep up the great job. And your staff they are awesome.”

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Compliment to Audrey & the Seven Hills team

Thank you to patient, Kathy L. for posting the following compliment:
“Just finished therapy with Audrey at your Seven Hills location. Thank you Audrey and all the great staff for their dedication, concern and hard work!”



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Congrats to Julie Devlin and team Windmill!

Congratulations to Julie and team Windmill for a fabulous compliment!

Julie was very courteous, knowledgable, and professional and she helped me a great deal. Barbara was my therapist a few times and was very helpful. Mitch was also very friendly and helpful as was Ryan. Finally, Mary Ann was always welcoming and friendly. I definately had an verall positive experiencewith the staff as wel as with my treatment and I appreciate them very much.



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