Congrats Dave Graff & the Tenaya Office!

05 Sep

CONGRATS to Dave Graff and the Tenaya Front Office! You received a wonderful compliment!


My sessions are ongoing @ this time. I have to COMMEND the LADIES BEHIND the front desk for their 1. Professionalism, 2. Courteous Ways of making patients feel Welcomed & feel they are in the BEST OF HANDS @ the office on Peak Street in Las Vegas. They are so sweet & I can’t think of a more PROFESSIONAL & COMFORTABLE place I’d rather be while getting help & making me feel I’m in good hands here. I just want to say “Kudos” to all YOU Sweet Ladies behind the front desk AS WELL AS, all the Handsome & Sweetheart PT’s who are ALL & ALL PROFESSIONAL. Keep up the GREAT WORK & I look forward to my appts EVERY TIME I’M scheduled!!. Again, KUDOS, To ALL of You, & SEE YOU ALL SOON! Thank You.


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