Gyms May be too Expensive for Some…Ask your Matt Smith Physical Therapist for Suggestions

30 May

thAre you having trouble affording a gym membership? In today’s economy, many of us want to be fit and healthy but too often money becomes an issue. If you can’t afford the gym, get fit at home with the use of an exercise DVD or video from the local library. Library cards are free and so is the rental.

Home fitness programs can be effective for young and older adults and for any fitness level. A gym is a great place to get in shape, but when the expensive deters your efforts, it’s time to consider an at-home DVD. Research shows DVD or Video fitness programs help older and younger adults alike. Research has also shown that activity and physical fitness staves off muscle decline and disability. So get to the library!

If you’re nervous about picking a workout that’s right for you, talk to a Matt Smith physical therapist, who may be able to recommend a workout type perfect for your fitness level.


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