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Perk Up Your Energy Levels

To perk up your energy levels, spend a few minutes outside each day — rain or shine. Outdoor activity and nature boost your well-being.


Feeling frazzled or lethargic? Regulate your mood and energy levels by getting outdoors a few times each day — yes, even in the rain or snow! Spending time in nature (urban parks count), or just enjoying outdoor activities, can elevate your mood and put a little pep in your step. Go for an after-dinner stroll, take a quick walk around the block at lunch, or ride your bike to the corner store. When it’s raining or snowing, bundle up in waterproof outerwear with your favorite kids, then jump in puddles and do your best reenactment of singing in the rain, or help build a snowman. You’ll feel invigorated, and maybe even a little like a kid again.
source: The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Tips


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Work or Play?

Give yourself permission to play. Research shows we have less regret when we put aside work to enjoy ourselves.

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Struggling over whether you should work this weekend or go to a baseball game with your family or friends? New research shows that the guilt we experience when we leave our work behind to have fun passes as quickly as it appears. However, regrets over missed opportunities to enjoy ourselves never fade. In fact, they increase over time. According to researchers, giving in to temptation all the time can be harmful, but you will be happier in the long run if you look at the big picture when choosing between work and play. The key, they say, is to think about what you will regret in the future. Give yourself permission to take time off and to enjoy well-earned vacations with your family and loved ones.

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