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Manage Stress through Positive Thinking…yes, for real!

Deflect stressful situations by keeping a gratitude journal. Practicing positive thinking helps you manage stress better.


Why is it that some days every little nuisance bounces off of you, while on other days you feel like you just can’t cope? The answer: your outlook. Research shows that optimists are better than pessimists at dealing with stress. Positive thinking — you know, seeing the glass as half full — is key to effective stress management. Maintaining a good attitude when things aren’t going your way takes the sting out of otherwise stressful situations because you realize that you can, in fact, handle them. To practice seeing the roses before the thorns, take periodic breaks throughout the day to assess your thoughts. Write them down and, if they’re mostly negative, rewrite them in a way that puts a positive spin on them. You may also want to keep a daily gratitude journal. Each night, jot down three things that you were grateful for that day. It could be as simple as the sound of a bird chirping or the compliment you got from your coworker. Make a habit of noticing the positives in life so that it becomes more natural for you.

source:cleveland clinic


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