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Lower Diabetes Risk by Walking After Meals

Lower your diabetes risk by taking a short walk after meals. Moving, rather than resting, can blunt blood sugar elevations after eating.

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Tempted to retire on the couch or take a quick snooze after eating? Reduce your diabetes risk — and perk up your energy levels — by going for a short walk instead. Researchers have found that a 15-minute walk after every meal will improve blood sugar levels better than a single daily 45-minute walk. Whether you put a leash on the dog, run errands or go for a quick stroll, being active after eating helps prevent post-meal blood sugar spikes. According to researchers, elevated blood sugars after meals are a key risk factor in type 2 diabetes and heart disease. And blood sugar control isn’t the only benefit. Research has shown that walking after eating lowered triglyceride levels as well. Lace up your sneakers before dinner, and then head out for a quick tour of the neighborhood after you’ve eaten.



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