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Physical Therapy Improves Balance & Prevents Falls

Research has shown that approximately 1/3 of all adults over the age of 65 suffer from at least one fall annually, the prevalence increases to 50 percent in adults over the age of 80. Falls are not only an inconvenience, but have also contributed in a major way to health care costs and disability in the older adults. Studies have shown that 20 percent of falls require some sort of medical attention. Furthermore, up to 10 percent of people who suffer from a fall sustain major injury such as major contusion/laceration, head trauma and disabling fractures. Fractures are a greater risk for patients with osteoporosis. You may also be surprised to find out that complications from falls are the leading cause of death from injury in adults over the age of 65.

There are multiple reasons why people fall and they include prior history of falls, visual deficits, gait abnormality, lower extremity weakness, arthritis, balance deficits and environmental hazards. As we age balance regresses, joints become more arthritic, flexibility decreases and reaction time slows down. However, balance impairments can be improved and the risk for falls can be reduced, with practice.

Medical studies show effectiveness of physical therapy interventions in treatment of balance dysfunction and therefore decreasing the risk for falls. Exercise programs may target strength, balance, flexibility or endurance. Programs that contain two or more of these components reduce rate of falls and number of people falling.

A skilled physical therapist is capable of accurately diagnosing balance dysfunction and risk for falls by a comprehensive evaluation including history taking, physical examination, as well as functional/balance tests. Physical therapy treatment should be patient specific and based on needs established during initial evaluation. Most often it will consist of a combination of balance activities, functional training, strengthening and stabilization exercises, as well as environmental awareness/modification training with the patient.

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Congratulations to Ed and team Tenaya! Great Patient Compliment


Rosie, CeeCee, Craig and Ed were all extremely professional as well as friendly. They helped me more than words can say. I came in in such pain and there care and expertise helped take that pain away. I am so very thankful for all if them. This was a very pleasant experience, I highly recommend the Tenaya office to anyone needing Physical Therapy. Should I ever need treatment again, I will not hesitate to return to this facility to have these professionals do what they do. Thank you all so very much.
Ben Macdonell.


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Congratulations to Melissa Anderson, PT & team Seven Hills

Congratulations to Melissa Anderson and Team Seven Hills for receiving this compliment from one of your patients. Thank you for being such great examples of our company standards!

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“I had been having a stiff neck for a long time. After consulting with our neurologist, she suggested I go to physical therapy. She said there are various places in the area, but so often it comes down to personal preferences. Since we have used Angie’s List several times for finding other services (and have been extremely pleased), I read the reviews of Matt Smith’s office and felt this would be a good choice. They have various locations in the valley, but I chose one closest to my home – Near 7 Hills and St. Rose in Henderson. Melissa Anderson was my therapist and she was incredible from the beginning.

Melissa Anderson took a lot of time evaluating me and asking questions. (There are several physical therapists in that office – and from my observation, they all seem very competent)….I happened to be assigned to Melissa. It is busy office (can get noisy at times), but all the staff are working and monitoring you. After showing me the exercises that I need to do on my own, as well as in the office, they work through some of the equipment with you. The one thing that impressed me the most was what a clean environment they are working with and how they maintain that level of cleanliness. It is a very friendly office – all types of physical therapy issues are being addressed from (primarily) teenagers and “on up” in age. You get to know all of the staff (and they get to know you on a first name basis). Melissa (as the physical therapist) did the hands on work (massaging my neck)….and working it to stretch. I know I have made tremendous progress and would not hesitate to go to their facility for physical therapy in the future.
As I mentioned, this is a friendly office….there are a lot of patients going in and out. Sometimes, it can get a bit noisy, but it is a “fun” atmosphere. Going through physical therapy is not fun…..but they make it as pleasant as possible. Highly recommend this facility.”

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Congratulations to Brittany- MSPT Hand Therapist!

Brittany has received a wonderful comment. Take a peek!


I would like to personally thank you for your professional hand therapy. Watching you work with all the different patients is a pleasure. You coach us up and encourage us to want to do our best, that is a great trait.
I remember you asking me what makes a great Chef, I told you passion. I thank you for your passion!
Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you.

I still owe you that cooking lesson.



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Deep Tissue Massage too Expensive? Try a foam roller instead…

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Can’t afford a deep-tissue massage? Use a foam roller after your workouts to increase circulation and ease knots in all your muscles.

Ever wondered about those foam logs you see people rolling around on at the gym? They’re called foam rollers, and they’re an effective — and inexpensive — addition to your workout. Used as part of a warm-up, rolling improves circulation and gets the body ready for movement. It also helps with recovery after your workout. Like a deep-tissue massage, foam rollers help break up knots that tighten your muscles, helping you stay injury-free. Use them to loosen up tight areas in your quads, calves or outer thighs.

“The basic technique for using a foam roller is to slowly roll the targeted area over the foam roller. Once you hit a trigger spot, hold at that spot for a few seconds, slowly working yourself away from the spot,” says Melissa Hendricks, MEd, manager of the Cleveland Clinic Fitness Centers. “Use a foam roller with caution,” advises Hendricks. “When you hit the trigger spots, they can be very painful, and sometimes the foam rollers can cause mild bruising. Have a physical therapist show you how to properly use the roller when you’re trying it for the first time.”


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Customer Review: Way to go Tenaya Clinic!

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Congratulations to the Tenaya Clinic Team!

Casey was excellent. Actually, I had seen her last year and was very happy with the treatment so I asked my doctor to recommend me to go back to her at Matt Smith. Also, I have seen Tyler for foot therapy and so far I am very pleased. Both are professional.

Casey is an asset to your company and the standard of care has been excellent both times.

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