Prevention of Slip-related Falls in Older Adults

04 Jun


Repeated-Slip Training:
An Emerging Paradigm for Prevention of Slip-Related Falls among Older Adults

By: Yi-Chung Pai, Tanvi S Bhatt
Physical Therapy Volume 87 Number 11 November 2007

• Falls frequently cause injury-related hospitalization or death among older adults.
• Physical Therapy provides task-specific adaptive training, facilitating the development of protective strategies to reduce falls among older adults.
• Repeated training resulted in the study suggesting subjects substantially improved pre and post-slip onset stability and weight support, with both proactive and reactive control, leading to nearly no balance loss toward the end of the session.
• A most encouraging result from the study revealed through physical therapy, older adults can rapidly develop adaptive skills for fall prevention strategies just as young adults following a repeated slip paradigm.

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